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The Board of Trustees of The Pennsylvania State University is the corporate body established by the charter with complete responsibility for the government and welfare of the University and all the interests pertaining thereto including students, faculty, staff and alumni. (See Standing Order VIII of the Charter, Bylaws and Standing Orders for additional information on Governance of the University.)

2020 Election Of Trustees BY THE ALUMNI


The nomination phase of the annual election process begins each year in January.  Beginning on January 15, nomination ballots are automatically sent electronically to Penn State alumni for whom the University has a valid email address on file and who have not otherwise opted out of Penn State communicationsThe nomination phase continues until 5:00 p.m. (Eastern) on February 25.

Election ballots will begin transmission via email beginning April 10, 2020.   Beginning on April 10, election ballots are automatically sent electronically to Penn State alumni for whom the University has a valid email address on file and who have not otherwise opted out of Penn State communications.  Alumni will have until May 7, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. to cast their vote.

Those alumni who made a nomination, voted or requested a ballot in the 2019 process do not need to request a nomination or election ballot again in 2020. One will automatically be sent to you, providing you still have a valid email address on file with the University and it has not changed. Due to the volume of emails going out, there may be a delay in receiving the email containing ballot credentials. For those who may experience a delay, please check your SPAM or JUNK MAIL folders. Individual settings on personal email accounts or your email provider may potentially block the email transmission. The ballot email will be sent from

In the event you do not receive your ballot within 48 hours, please use the request a ballot link below.

Undergraduate students and Graduate students (who do not have a Penn State undergraduate degree) currently enrolled at the University are not eligible to participate in the election.

Ballots will be processed from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern), Monday through Friday. Please allow a 24-hour turnaround time for processing of this ballot request.

Eligible individuals who do not receive a nomination or electin ballot via email may Request a Ballot.

Complete information on the membership process and qualifications for all trustee elections may be found at Membership Selection.

Information on use of Alumni Records and communication policies may be found at Use of Alumni Records.



Due to this challenging time, the decision has been made to defer the election of Trustees by Agricultural interests. This decision was not made in haste. One of the foremost considerations was concern for public safety and the inability for interested parties or groups to meet in-person for caucuses or the election. We recognize this to be an integral part of the process for those Agricultural interests who are vested in the election of Trustees at Penn State.

We are monitoring the situation and when the time is appropriate to proceed with the election, we will provide those details using the same avenues of communication as is currently in place.  Those methods include: direct mail, email, or calling of delegates, organizational secretaries, and presidents; information posted on the Penn State Trustee website (; information posted on Penn State website (; information posted on Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences’ website (; information posted on county Facebook pages; information sent by email or posted on major Agricultural organization’s websites (i.e. Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and the Pennsylvania Grange.)
We recognize and acknowledge organizations for the time and energy expended on the process to date. Much work has already been accomplished. As a result of that hard work, the deadline for submission of certificates by additional organizations will not be extended. Thank you for helping us to ensure that all Pennsylvania organizations that are eligible and interested are given the opportunity to participate. We along with our colleagues in Penn State Extension look forward to continuing this process and will notify interested parties when the time is right.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Board of Trustees office at:
Phone: (814) 865-9561
Fax:       (814) 863-4631


The Board's Committee on Governance and Long-Range Planning accepted a Skill Set Inventory Report to assist the various trustee electoral and appointment processes.

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